Because of You, Plymouth Church Changes Lives
Dear Plymouth friends,

When I was in ninth grade, my church approached me about learning to play the organ. They paid for my lessons and I agreed to play once a month for the church service (they were a very forgiving congregation). Since I had been studying piano for many years, it became a wonderful extension of the use of my skills and a way to serve my church. I grew up in churches with pipe organs, but I know that is not everyone's experience. Both the music and the instrument fascinated me, so the offer by my church to support my growth and development was a shared gift from a loving and musical congregation. Over the years since then, I have continued to play occasionally for worship, weddings, funerals or sometimes, just to play a wonderful instrument. If you have never tried to work your two hands and two feet independently while setting the stops for the pipe combinations to achieve the sound you need, there is nothing else I have tried quite like this challenge.

Last Sunday, a congregational meeting was held to discuss the declining condition of Plymouth's pipe organ. The ad hoc organ committee - consisting of Larry Wheelock, Donna Kummer, Helen Jonas, Ingrid Pierson, Lee Gruenewald, and myself - unanimously recommended that repairs be undertaken in the amount of $136,000. Larry's presentation included a slideshow of many of the problems and how Buzard Pipe Organ Builders, the recommended bidder, would address them. We hope to make this presentation available online soon. Over the next several months, the Council and congregation will engage in conversations in order to make an informed decision concerning organ repairs.

In our own lives, we plan and prepare for repairs to our cars, homes, and recreational equipment regularly. Musical instruments require the same type of maintenance and repair to be in working order. The aesthetic sound of the organ is symbolic of "church" to some of us who grew up with this experience. As musical traditions in the church blend and change, the presence of the organ at Plymouth helps us remain connected to the heritage of earlier congregations. The history of Plymouth Church and of the United Church of Christ is something that we regularly share with each other and our community. Plymouth's organ is part of that history and will hopefully remain part of the story for years to come.

Yours in faith,
Sheila Feay-Shaw
Alice's Garden BLM event - July 26

Alice's Garden is having a free second annual intergenerational Black Lives Matter Event featuring arts presentations by the African-American community on Wednesday, July 26 from 5:30-8:30 pm at 2136 N. 21st Street.

I went last year, it was an excellent experience, and I plan to attend again. Last year's event occurred just after the Philando Castile shooting in the Twin Cities, Alton Sterling shooting in Baton Rouge, and policemen killed in Dallas. It was a pretty amazing, non-violent, moving event, and a crossroads of people from the city attended.

Alice's Garden is a place of peace, and I never felt that my personal safety was threatened even though last summer was a turbulent time in Milwaukee. I think this is an important event for interested Plymouth community members to attend, especially those who have participated in the Plymouth conversations about race over the past year.
The Facebook announcement includes the following information:
In the immediate aftermath of the fatal 2016 police shooting of Philando Castile in a Minnesota suburb, there were heart-wrenching moments shared in the back of a police car between Castile's girlfriend and her daughter. The video released shows Diamond Reynolds with her four-year-old daughter. An emotional Reynolds is heard shouting an expletive, and her daughter pleads with her to be quiet so that she won't "get shooted." Later, when Reynolds says she wishes she could take her handcuffs off, her daughter again implores: "No, please don't, I don't want you to get shooted."

These pain-filled words: "I Don't Want You To Get Shooted" of this four-year-old baby is the theme for our Second Annual Black Lives Matter event at Alice's Garden Urban Farm. Join us as we lift up community voices and concerns, as we all struggle to find our way through the, too-often, lack of justice and compassion in this nation for Black people. For more information, contact Malkia Stamply-Johnson at or (414)426-7249.

Please bring your own chair or blanket for a place to sit. There is street parking available around Alice's Garden, which is located two blocks south of North Ave. (#21 bus) at 2136 N. 21st Street.

Ellen Blank

Click here to go to the event on the Facebook page for Alice's Garden.
Jim Crow Presentation - Part 2

Join us for Part 2 of Russell Brooker's presentation on Jim Crow, the system that governed the American South from 1890-1965.

This part will look at the opinions of contemporary whites at that time.

This is an interactive program with questions from the audience helping guide the discussion.
The Habitat 600?!?

That's right! Donna has returned from her 13th Habitat 500 ride, but this year she biked SIX hundred miles, 20% more than expected.

Fund-raising is also exceeding expectations, with $8,600 already in, or 8% above goal. Wouldn't it be awesome if the donations were 20% higher too?!? It's a great way to get invited to a turtle sundae party at Donna's later this summer.

Checks can be made out to Habitat 500 and given to Donna (1459 N 50th Pl, 53208). Or visit Donna's Facebook page for an online donation option.

Thanks, Plymouth, for your incredible support of Habitat for Humanity!
Little Free Library for Racial Justice

Thank you to Sue Treichel for getting us started with a Little Free Library focusing on racial justice. The library is currently located on the big table in the Commons. We hope to make a little structure for it to live in soon.

This library works similar to the Little Free Libraries found outside. Take a book (without the hassle of checking it out), read it at your own pace, and return it.

If you have books about racial justice you'd like to donate, leave them in the "library" for someone else to enjoy.
Brewers Game on August 2nd

Take yourself to the ball park.
Take yourself to the crowd.
Buy some peanuts and Cracker Jack.
(We would care if you never came back.)

Let's root, root, root for the Brewers!
If they don't win, it's a shame.
But you'll have fun, Fun, FUN, out there
with the whole Plymouth gang!

A group from Plymouth is headed out to watch our FIRST PLACE Milwaukee Brewers take on the dreaded Cardinals of St. Louis on Wednesday, August 2nd, at 7:10 pm

Only TWO tickets are still available for $17 each and can be purchased from Russell Brooker. See him at church or call 414-476-1709.
Nathan Raskin 7/20
Benjamin Mitich 7/22
Maxwell Mitich 7/22
Andrew Warner 7/22
Sanjiv Chheda 7/25
Sarah Clausen 7/25
Emilie Rackovan 7/25
Emily Rochon 7/26

Bill Douglass entered hospice on July 19th.

Sarah Dahl has health issues.

Sally Schmidt entered hospice care.

Kathryn Kamm donated a kidney to a young man in the Milwaukee area.  Her surgery on July 13th went well and Kathryn is resting and recovering.  Please hold her and the recipient - Jon - in your prayers.  

Upcoming Events

Sunday, July 23
- Worship - Rev. Andrew Warner preaching - 9:30am
- Provide meal for Pathfinders (at Holton Drop-In) - 2:30pm

Wednesday, July 26
- Black Lives Matter event at Alice's Garden - 5:30pm (see article above)

Sunday, July 30
- Worship - Rev. Andrew Warner preaching - 9:30am
- Russell Brooker leading Adult Ed - Part 2 of Presentation on Jim Crow - 10:30am
- Provide meal for Pathfinders (at Holton Drop-In) - 2:30pm

Tuesday, August 1
- CE Board meeting - 6:30pm
- Deacons meeting - 7:00pm

Wednesday, August 2
- Piecemakers Quilting group - 10:00am
- Sarah Circle meet at Washington Park at the Shell for concert - 6:00pm
- Board of Outreach and Mission meeting - 7:00pm
- Brewers' baseball game - 7:10pm

Sunday, August 6
- Worship - Curt Anderson preaching - Communion - 9:30am
- Provide meal for Pathfinders (at Holton Drop-in) - 2:30pm

Monday, August 7
- Meal for St. Ben's
- Stewards meeting - 7:00pm

Tuesday, August 8
- Serve meal at Cathedral Center - 6:30pm

Sunday, August 13
- Worship - Guest Preacher preaching - 9:30am
- BOOM Joyful Noise Offering: MICAH Community School
- Provide meal for Pathfinders (at Holton Drop-in) - 2:30pm

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