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Dear Plymouth friends,
Lessons from Hurricane Harvey for Milwaukee
An Invitation to the Immigration Series of Adult Education

Before I (David) moved to Milwaukee, Houston was my home. I felt helpless not being present to help friends and family during Hurricane Harvey. I now feel relief that none of them lost their lives, and it seems unreal to me to know that some of those who lost homes and needed to evacuate could not accept the help they needed due to their immigration status. Let me explain...

Immigration has impacted Texas greatly in terms of demography and culture. When I moved there from Colombia, the governor at the time allowed undocumented immigrants to have driver's licenses, pay in-state tuition at universities, and receive school grants and scholarships without fear of being deported. Now, ten years later, with a new governor, and the influence of bigotry at a national level, immigrants are being used as a political tool for white supremacists' ideas. A reflection of this is law SB4 in Texas which uses local police enforcement as an immigration authority. Police officers are required to report any immigrant who is undocumented, and if they don't, they could face potential jail time.

In the wake of the humanitarian crisis of Hurricane Harvey, dozens of shelters were opened in order to receive the thousands of people displaced due to severe flooding. The city was shocked when the shelters remained empty, prompting relief agencies to question why people were not coming when the need was so great. With half a million undocumented immigrants residing in Houston and with SB4 going into effect 3 days after the hurricane hit, a large number of Houstonians simply did not feel safe going to the shelters for fear of being deported.

If we do not pay attention to the policies that some are trying to pass here in Wisconsin (AB190), we too will have thousands in our city living in fear of deportation when needing to access vital services such as emergency health care, police assistance, etc.

Join us for the next four weeks of adult education where we will learn from experts in the field of refugees and immigration, hear from individual immigrants about their experiences, and have the opportunity to explore together how our brothers and sisters are being affected by our local and national policies. Hope to see you there!

Yours in faith,
David Aguilera & Kelly Lempa
Adult Ed classes re: Immigration

This four week series starts this Sunday, Sept 17, in the Upper Study.

Sept 17: Refugee 101 with Lutheran Social Services
Mary Flynn has been with Lutheran Social Services for over 25 years. She has presented introductory refugee programs in local, state and national conferences for medical, public health, faith and other non-profit groups. Mary affirms and tries to follow the LSS tenets of valuing the infinite worth of the individual, diversity, and interdependence in all her work.

Sept 24: DREAM Act and DACA presented by Russell Brooker
We will explore the history of The Dream Act from its beginning in 2001 until the bills currently introduced in Congress. The Dream Act has enjoyed bipartisan support all along but has never been enacted into law. We will also look at DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), including President Trump's cancelling of the program and the prospects for a new program.

Oct 1: Immigration Panel with Voces de la Frontera
Come listen to personal stories from a DACA recipient and someone who has faced deportation. Hear first hand how they have been affected by immigration and how they have bravely confronted challenging situations. The panel has been organized by Nayeli Rondin-Valle of our local Voces de la Frontera New Sanctuary Movement.

Oct 8: To Be Announced Soon.

Invite your friends using the Facebook event.
Alexander Hamilton vs. Avraham Avinu

On Sunday, September 24th, there will be a special presentation of an alternative version of the song "Alexander Hamilton" during worship. The chancel choir will be joined by area performers Sean Jackson & Lydia Eiche, and there is plenty of room in the ensemble for anyone who is a Hamilton fan.

You need to be available for rehearsal on Wednesday evening, September 20th, and willing to arrive early on Sunday the 24th.

Please let Donna know of your interest so she can send you some advance materials.

Inspiration, Education, and Action for Racial Equity

On Oct. 21-22 we will hold "Reviving Hope" to equip and prepare us to work for racial equity. During the Saturday portion of the revival:
- Ex Fabula will help us learn to tell our stories about race
- Dr. Abe will teach us new songs so we can sing for justice
- Dr. Velda Love from national UCC will deepen our understanding of race
- Rhonda Hill will help us make the connection between public art and justice
- LIT (Leaders Igniting Transformation) will lead youth-specific workshops on racial equity

The Sunday portion of the revival will include a keynote sermon by Dr. Velda Love and poetry by Kavon Jones in worship and then a conversation with Dr. Love in adult education and a poetry workshop for the church school.  

Save the date!

What Wine Is This? will be on October 15, right after church. Tickets will be for sale and bottle(s) of wine will be your prize if your ticket is chosen!  More information to come.

For now, please consider donating 1 or more bottles of wine for the event. There will be a basket for your donations in the narthex (by the front door) and also in the Commons, beginning this coming Sunday, September 10. Please attach a note with donor's name and a clever quote, poem, wine description, or a story (fact or fictional) about why you chose this wine. We also are accepting donations of wine snacks, wine charms, cocktail napkins, coasters, or anything wine themed.

There will also be a "cork pull". If your donated bottle of wine is worth $15 or more, please note that. Those bottles of wine will be offered separately at the event. You can purchase a numbered cork for $15 and the bottle with that number is yours! That way you are guaranteed to take home a $15+ bottle for your $15 donation.

All proceeds will go toward the organ repair fund. The event is a lot of fun, and we can raise a lot of $$$ for the organ through your generous donations. Questions -- contact Emilie Aubert.
How to Talk with Children About Race - October 10

Parents Advocating for Cultural Equality and Educational Excellence (PACE3) invites you to this Whitefish Bay event.

The attached document gives more information about the event or look us up on Facebook How To Talk With Children About Race:

Erin Winkler, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Africology
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

How to Talk With Children About Race
October 10, 2017

6:00 p.m. light dinner; 6:30 - 8 p.m. presentation with Q&A
REGISTER ON EVENTBRITE - Limited to 150 people.

Generously sponsored by: Christ Church, Bayshore Lutheran, From the Same Dust, a Baha'i Group, Toddlers on a Mission, One Circle Forward, Once Upon a Preschool, Shoreview Pediatrics, Coalition for Children, Youth and Families, Journey House, Holy Family, TB Productions, LLC
SHE Talks WE Talk Retreat

We women in Milwaukee have an invaluable opportunity to be guided in a facilitated conversation about race and racism.

Our facilitator is Catrice Jackson, International Speaker, Best Selling Author, Racial Justice Educator and Global Visionary Leader.

Date: Saturday and Sunday, October 14 and 15
Time: 10am-4pm, lunch on your own
Place: Diverse & Resilient, 2439 N Holton St, Milwaukee, 53212

Note that this workshop is for women only.

Catrice says:
"During this two-day workshop you will take a deep, honest and truthful dive in the issues of race, racism, whiteness, white supremacy and Intersectionality. This is not a sit and take notes retreat. You will be actively engaged for two days requiring you stretch way outside of your comfort zone and examine your own beliefs, thoughts and behaviors that perpetuate racism. This workshop will include diverse modes of learning such as presentation, small and large group activities, video, and experiential exercises."


RETREAT FEE: $250.00 - Paperback Book Included

Please share this information widely!
Bill Eatough 9/14
Steve Frieder 9/16
Paul Mueller 9/16
Noel Rosado 9/16
William Treichel 9/16
Holden Sherer 9/17
Eva Mullerleile 9/18

Tom Pexton in hospice. You may send cards to his home address: 2000 S Dayton St Apt 308, Aurora, CO 80247-5722

Becky Guerrero has ovarian cancer. Her address is 701 S Main St, North East, MD 21901.

Jenna Phillips had surgery on Sept 1.

Bill Audette had hip replacement surgery on Sept 5.


Upcoming Events

Wednesday, September 13
- Bell Choir rehearsal - 6:30pm
- Plymouth Chorale rehearsal - 7:30pm

Sunday, September 17
- Worship - Rev. Andrew Warner preaching - 9:30am
- Adult Ed re: Immigration - Refugee 101 with Lutheran Social Services -10:30am
- Plymouth Justice Network meeting - 11:45am
- Provide meal for Pathfinders (at Holton Drop-in) - 2:30pm
- Sarah Circle at Plymouth - 7:00pm
Topic: Favorite summer memory & September brings changes, with new school and church calendar year - What changes have affected you and how do you feel about these changes?

Monday, September 18
- Church Council meeting - 7:00pm

Tuesday, September 19
- Loops of Love - 1:30pm

Wednesday, September 20
- Chancel Choir rehearsal - 6:45pm
- Plymouth Chorale rehearsal - 8:00pm

Sunday, September 24
- Worship - 9:30am
- Adult Ed re: Immigration - DREAM Act and DACA by Russell Brooker -10:30am
- Provide meal for Pathfinders (at Holton Drop-in) - 2:30pm

Tuesday, September 26
- Faith Circle hosted by Clare Anderson - 6:00pm

Wednesday, September 27
- Bell Choir rehearsal - 6:30pm
- Plymouth Chorale rehearsal - 7:30pm

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