Green Roof

Here's a Washington Post article on the benefits of having a green roof.
"Just looking at nature can help your brain work better, study finds"

The Green Roof is Here!

Green Roof Installation April 20, 2015

Mother Earth - Earth Mother Challenge Grant

April 22 was Earth Day and May 10th is Mother's Day, wouldn't it be great if we could make April and May strong months for fundraising for the Green Roof?

An anonymous Plymouth family is offering a challenge grant to help kick our fundraising into the stratosphere! All contributions for the Green Roof made from April 1st through May 31st, in any amount, will be matched dollar for dollar up to $1,111. Your contribution of $22 becomes $44, your contribution of $44 becomes $88!


If we band together, we can raise at least $2,222 for the Green Roof right now, and honor our Earth and our mothers at the same time. Let's celebrate Earth Day and Mother's Day by making sure our new Green Roof is a success!

Other ways to help meet the challenge grant:

Add the Stone Creek coffee order to your monthly shopping list. Order Stone Creek Coffee.

Buy Sendik's gift cards.

Continue to participate in other fundraisers throughout the year

Thank you for all the ways you've already supported this great cause, and for all the ways you'll help in the future!

Green Roof Questions & Answers

Why is the green roof red?

Green in the term green roof refers to symbolic green, as in "green products", "The Green Team": sustainable, earth friendly entities. A broader term for a roof with plants is Vegetative Roofing. Our roof is composed of Fully Vegetated Sedum Tiles: an instantaneous landscape. Each tile is composed of several sedum varieties, and has been growing for nearly 2 years.  Sedum are very hardy, a low maintenance group of plants that do not need a lot water.. There will be 4 flowerings, in pink, white and yellow. Perennial plugs of Allium cernuum (Nodding Pink Onion) will be inserted later in May. They will bloom in mid spring, a soft lavender blue color.

What happens when we don't have rain?

We will water the roof  using the hose connection on the opposite wall in the courtyard. We have a battery powered rain gauge on order, with a read out that can be attached to a window in the Commons.  We will access the Green Roof  through the window on the Commons next to the staircase to the Upper Study.

Who is going to do that??

We already have one volunteer who is lithe and limber. We are seeking a few more lithe and limber people who will make up the Lean Green Team, sharing duties watering the roof. Because most watering will be in the summer, when folks are here and gone, we need a few people who can work in pairs: one to hoist the hose and one to walk on the roof. Contact the church office or email (self-described as neither light, lithe, nor limber) to volunteer your services.

Keep your questions coming! See the display boards near the commons windows overlooking the roof for more information.