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Organ Project

Hammes-Foxe Pipe Organ

Plymouth Church, informed by the Organ Committee which is headed by our Artist in Residence, Larry Wheelock, is undertaking a study of our organ.  Built between 1983 and 1991, the organ suffers from multiple problems which have accumulated over the years, bringing it to the brink of failure.  For more information about the organ's problems and proposed solutions, please see Larry's notes.  The State of the Hammes-Foxe Pipe Organ at Plymouth

Organ Renovation Survey
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Plymouth UCC Organ Restoration Project

Organ Project News

Congregational Meeting - Sept 10

All Plymouth members are invited to the Congregational Meeting immediately after worship on Sunday, September 10.

We will be having the final discussion regarding the repairs for the organ. A vote will be taken to approve the Church Council getting a loan to cover the cost of the repairs.

(Cost will be based on which company is chosen to do the work minus any donations made for this purpose.)Save

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