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Sam Deibler Faith Testimonial

posted Oct 26, 2014, 9:30 PM by Andrew Warner   [ updated Oct 26, 2014, 9:51 PM by Andrew Warner ]

A few years back, our lovely and talented Musical Director invited me to worship at the Christmas Eve candle-lit service. Having nowhere else to go, and desperately missing the humility and reverence of a Christmas Eve service, I accepted. It took a few years for me to start attending on a regular basis, but as it turns out, that one night undoubtedly changed my life.

Becoming a member of Plymouth was a pivotal moment in my faith journey. It was the first time that I joined a church because I wanted to. It wasn't for a grade in school, or because it was where my family worshiped. It wasn't because I felt obligated, or pressured. It was because I felt it was somewhere I could finally belong. Not only was I welcomed into the congregation with open arms, but soon after was encouraged to become involved in other areas of the church, far beyond what I expected upon joining. 

In one year's time, my relationship with God has blossomed. I never thought I'd be the person praise dancing, or acting in a religious play (outside of Jesus Christ Superstar that is), or writing for the church newsletter...In fact, until I came to Plymouth, it was typical for me to be as deliberately uninvolved as possible, in which-ever church I happened to be attending at the time. I was lonely, uncomfortable, and church was a place that I never wanted to be. Now, years later, I am honored and humbled to be serving on two boards in the church, with prospects of teaching in the fall. I am proud to say that my dearest friends, godchildren, and family are here at Plymouth. I don't have any actual relatives here in Milwaukee, so getting to church every Sunday and seeing so many loving and familiar faces is especially wonderful.

Rediscovering the church has awakened my spirit in ways that have been more beneficial than anything I could have hoped for. Our faith practices have impacted all aspects of my life, and I will be forever grateful for that very first act of risk taking friendship that brought me to Plymouth. Peace and love to all.