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Annual Pledge Campaign

There are two helpful ways to look at the church finances.  The first is a Profit and Loss View (PnL).  The PnL offers an overview of the budget approved by the congregation at our annual meeting.  It is used by the Council and the Stewards to track how the church receives funds and how it spends them.  It answers the question, "What does the church do with its money?"  

The second way to look at our finances is called a Mission Objectives View.  The Mission Objectives View aligns the many budget lines of the PnL with the mission of the congregation.  The Mission Objectives View subtracts from our expenses the dedicated income we receive for each objective - thus, the cost of operating our facility is reduced by the rental income and earns on the legacy fund which we receive.  As a result the Mission Objectives View shows the overall picture of how contribution dollars are used to fund the mission of the church.  It answers the question, "what does the church do with my donation?"

In the following images and explanation we look at the Mission Objectives View of our finances.  This reflects our church mission, "No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here to discover meaning in life, to grow in relationship with God, and to serve neighbors near and far."

The mission statement can be translated into six mission objectives to answer the question, "what does the church do with each dollar I give?"

Worship: 37 cents of every dollar funds pastors, musicians, support staff, equipment and materials used in worship

Wider Community: 22 cents of every dollar funds  the work of Plymouth in the wider community, including our work through the United Church of Christ


Facility and Operations: 16 cents of every dollar funds the building, shared equipment costs, and staff support




Program: 9 cents of every dollar funds new initiatives and support of existing programs other than worship and education


Care: 6 cents of every dollar funds care ministries such as Befrienders, Seminarian Support, and includes staff time for pastoral counseling



Your generosity to the annual pledge campaign of our congregation makes our mission possible.  Please prayerfully consider your pledge.