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Faith Practices -- old

Practices of Our Faith
Our Chrisitan faith was originally known simply as "the way."  Christianity meant following in the way of Jesus; living our life according to his way of life.  We want to recapture that earliest meaning of our faith by focusing on several central practices.  We want to be a church where people not only learn about God but where we profoundly experience God in the midst of our lives.  Practices involve living a life shaped by the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. 
These practices connect us to our tradition - not just 2000 years of Christian discipleship but to Jews stretching back to a time before memory.  They also connect us to one another.  Most importantly, these practices connect us to God.  They are a way for us to touch the sacred in the everyday way we live.
We are lifting up six practices for our congregation to grow into.  There is much more to the Christian way of life than these six practices but we see them as important and central to developing as disciples of Jesus.  The goal of these practices is not to get a 4.0; the purpose is to grow in our faith and the expression of our faith in our lives.  How we do that will necessarily change over time.  In one season of life we may need to focus on just one practice; in another we may find a dynamic interplay between all of them. 
Together we can be on a journey with Jesus, on the way towards a life of rich and faithful meaning.
Our Central Practices