Reviving Hope

Inspiration, Education and Action for Racial Equity

Inspiration, Education and Action for Racial Equity

October 21-22, 2017

Plymouth Church, Milwaukee

We aim to inspire with song, story, art, and study to engage in transformational conversations about race and racial justice.  

The revival will provide people with an opportunity for deeper learning about racial equity while also helping to make new connections for justice work.  

We encourage teams from congregations to participate in the revival so that they can build their capacity for talking about issues of racial justice in their community. 


Basic Outline of the Day

9:00 - 9:30     Registration

9:30 - 10:30    Opening Worship

10:45 - 12:00    Morning Workshops

12:00 - 13:00    Lunch

13:00 - 14:15    Afternoon Workshops

14:20 - 14:30    Closing Worship


General Registration $10

Youth - Free

Volunteers & Presenters - Free

Reviving Hope Registration

General Workshops

We’ll offer the same workshops in the morning and afternoon so that participants can choose two.  We’re also providing youth and young adult specific workshops (see below).

    Song - “Giving Voice to Justice”

Dr. Abe Cáceres, through his organization the Mission of World House Music, promotes hope, healing and understanding through cross-cultural, interactive music programs. He is a pianist, organist (Syracuse University, B. Music), ethnomusicologist (Indiana University, Ph.D.) and a composer. His most recent book and CD is "All Are Welcome! Feel the Spirit! Eight World Music Choral Anthems for Youth, Adults and Congregation."   His current project is a CD entitled, “Laugh, Cry, Dance, Sigh: Songs to lift the Spirit by Dr. Abe."


Dr. Abe is an outstanding and enthusiastic teacher. He teaches, demonstrates, performs, and involves audiences and workshop participants.  Participants in the workshop will learn to sing hymns and songs from a variety of cultural contexts that can empower work for racial equity.  


Be prepared to learn some African and Latin American percussion to compliment justice related music from African, African American and Latin American traditions. Also come ready to sing, move and sharpen your song leadership skills. Some of the songs will be used in the closing worship.

Story - “Giving Testimonies about Your Experience of Race”

Ex Fabula is a Milwaukee nonprofit that strengthens community bonds through the art of storytelling. Since 2015, the Ex Fabula Fellowship has helped community members to craft true, personal stories about race and equity topics – and then leverage those stories to engage and activate other community members.


In this hands-on session, Ex Fabula storytelling coaches will facilitate a series of small group exercises, and participants will learn and practice techniques to tell effective stories about their experiences of race.


We ask that participants prepare for the workshop by thinking about a personal experience that they’ve had that they would like to share. Some prompts to inspire stories:

  • Talk about a time when you noticed or experienced privilege and/or preferential treatment of a white person (yourself or someone else)

  • Talk about a time when you noticed unequal treatment of a Person of Color (yourself or someone else)

  • Share a time when you noticed your own bias or realized that you made an unconscious assumption based on race

  • Talk about a message that you received about race when you were growing up; if you didn’t think about race or talk about it when growing up, reflect on the reasons why and consider when in your life you became aware of race and racial inequity


Art - “Public Art and the Struggle for Racial Equity”

Art often defines city spaces - the statue in the square, the mural on the building.  Public artwork celebrates the identity and history of a community.  Mindful of this, people throughout the country have begun to question and remove statues of Confederate leaders.  art.jpg


I also have my own business, Race and Faith,


Rhonda Hill directs the Amazing Faiths Dinner Dialogue of the Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee and founded Race and Faith (  She will help us look at the controversy surrounding Confederate symbols as well as the larger questions of the role of art in our public sphere: What stories do we celebrate? What identities do we proclaim? What issues does art raise?  Work by Tia Richardson and Sculpture Milwaukee will help us imagine the potential of public art.


Participants in this workshop will learn about the problems and possibilities for art to advance racial equity in our community.




Study - “Overcoming White Supremacy”

Advancing racial equity and dismantling the systems of white supremacy requires a clear understanding of the patterns and structures of racism.  As Rev. Dr. Velda Love, Minister for Racial Justice at the United Church of Christ, makes clear, “we are responsible for changing the narrative of how we engage the Gospel of Jesus Christ that is inclusive, liberating and radical."


Participants in this workshop will gain skills and insights necessary to talk about issues of race and racism in their local settings.


Velda has a working knowledge of critical race theory and creates comprehensive and strategic approaches for UCC national conferences, congregations, and staff colleagues to explore and understand the intersection of racial justice with other justice issues. Velda brings an African-centered approach inclusive of biblical and theological knowledge in liberation and womanist perspectives.



Youth & Young Adult Workshops

We’ll offer several workshops designed for youth and young adults.  Youth and young adults can also sign up for the general workshops.


“Hip Hop and Social Change”

“Know Your Rights: School Suspensions and Police Interactions”

“Race, Me, and Implicit Bias”

“DACA: Making the Dream Real”

Reviving Hope Registration