The Coffee House is alive and well. They modified how they present shows due to COVID-19.

In-person seating availability is determined on a week-to-week basis. Reservations are required for in-person seating.
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Streams start at 7:30 PM. Watch on The Coffee House: Live.

Our Mission -- We are the Coffee House

To serve the community by being an alcohol-free venue where musicians and spoken word artists may perform in a respectful listening environment, to educate the community about peace, justice, acceptance, and honest communication, and contribute to taking care of those in need. Our commitment to inclusiveness makes it possible for people of all ethnic, spiritual, secular and gender and affectional backgrounds to find a voice and enrich us with their messages.

We provide new and upcoming musicians a safe stage and experienced acts a long term home. We never turn anyone away. We provide suggested donation amounts for every show but invite all to come and enjoy. Your donations go to keeping our lights on and our talents fed.

We work with several charitable organizations every year through our Living Activism nights to raise funding for various causes, and run a regular benefit for a local Food Pantry.