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Welcome to the first week of Advent 2018

The Coffee House Comes to Plymouth!

For 51 years, The coffee House at Redeemer Lutheran on 19th and Wisconsin has been bringing together talented artists and eager audiences while furthering efforts of social justice.  Their mission:

To Serve the community by being an alcohol-free venue where musicians and spoken word artists may perform in a respectful listening environment, to educate the community about peace, justice, acceptance, and honest communication, and contribute to taking care of those in need.  Our commitment to inclusiveness makes it possible for people of all ethnic, spiritual, secular and gender and affectional backgrounds to find a voice and enrich us with their messages.

Plan on the UWM Planetarium trip for youth this year!

Plymouth Chorale Christmas Concert

Christmas Services at Plymouth

Be welcome at Plymouth for a special New Year's service,

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See the sanctuary and Douglas Commons.